Classic Pasta Dishes

Classic Pastas

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Classic Pastas  
Half Tray serves (10-12)    Full Tray Serves (20-25)

PAS001: Penne Alla Vodka___________________Half $49 / Full $79

PAS002: Baked Ziti__________________________Half $49   /   Full $79

PAS003: Baked Cheese Ravioli Parmesan______Half $55   /   Full $85

PAS004: Baked Manicotti_____________________Half $55   /   Full $85

PAS005: Baked Ziti eggplant Parm 
with Eggplant Caponatta__Half  $55 / Full $89

PAS008: Penne with Shrimp___________________Half $69   /   $105
fresh shrimp, broccoli florets & diced tomatoes
sauteed in a light garlic & herb over penne

PAS009: Rigatoni with chicken
_________________Half $69   /   Full $105
fresh chicken pieces, spinach & mozzarella cheese tossed
in a creamy pink sauce over rigatoni

PAS010: Linguine Primavera 
(red -OR- white)______Half $49   /   Full $79
a colorful melange of assorted fresh garden vegetables sauteed in a light
tomato basil sauce –OR– garlic & extra virgin olive oil sauce over linguine

PAS011: Pasta Marinara______________________Half $49   /   Full $79
“Old World Style” garlic & herb plum tomato sauce

PAS012: Penne  Bolognese_____________________Half $55   /   Full $90
hearty ground meat sauce

PAS013: Linguine Shrimp Marinara
______________Half $79   /   Full $115
fresh shrimp sauteed in a “traditional” garlic & herb plum tomato
sauce over linguine 

PAS014: Penne Melenzane
_____________________Half $54   /   Full $92
penne pasta tossed with fresh roasted eggplant sauteed in a unique
Marsala plum tomato sauce, crowned with fresh ricotta cheese

PAS015:  Penne Pasta_________________________Half $49   /   Full $79
with Puttanesca Sauce: Caramelized onions, Roasted garlic, fresh Tomato, Olives, Capers, White wine and extra virgin olive oil