Specialty Gourmet Pastas

Specialty Gourmet Pastas

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Gourmet Pasta

PAS021: Radiatore Pasta with Fresh basil, roasted garlic 
in olive oil and lightly topped with parmesan cheese.

PAS022: Angel hair Pasta with olive oil & garlic, fresh peas, tomato’s,
fresh parsley & graded cheese.

PAS023: Penne Pasta with Caramelized Onions, Fresh Spinach 
and Tomato topped with Goat Cheese.

PAS024: Bow Tie Pasta with Roasted Eggplant Caponata, 
Roasted Garlic, Toasted pine nuts and topped with Feta Cheese & Olives.

PAS025: Fussily pasta with Sun dried Tomato, sautéed garlic, 
fresh parsley and topped Balsamic cherry tomatoes.

PAS026: Rigatoni pasta Hearty Vegetable Assortment sautéed in 
fresh garlic and olive oil and finished with graded Parmigiana.

PAS027: Portobello Mushrooms with Roasted Peppers in a thick 
Homemade Tomato sauce lightly finished with Balsamic.

PAS028:  Bow Tie Pasta with Zucchini and Eggplant Strips 
Sautéed with Red Peppers, Onions, and topped with
Tomatoes & Roasted Garlic.

PAS030:  Penne pasta with Sun dried Tomato in a Creamy 
no nut Pesto with Fresh Spinach and Diced Tomatoes.

PAS031: Oriental sesame noodles using an oriental linguine 
our own special sesame teriyaki sauce with sautéed onions, 
peppers, shredded carrots and topped with black and white sesame seeds.

(Serves 12-14) . $59.95   (Serves 18 - 20) . . $89.99

Gourmet Pasta with Chicken

PAS032:  Penne Pasta with Marinated Grilled Chicken, 
Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Artichokes In a Lite
Creamy Garlic sauce and topped with Capers.

PAS033: Bow Tie Pasta with Grilled Chicken, fresh sautéed 
Broccoli and garlic finished with a touch of balsamic and grated Parmigiana cheese.

PAS034:  Penne Pasta with Grilled Chicken in a creamy sun dried 
Tomato sauce with Fresh Spinach and Diced Tomatoes.

PAS035:   Angel Hair Pasta with Grilled Chicken, asparagus, 
Roasted Garlic, and Tri color Roasted Peppers.

(Serves 12-14)  $69.99    (Serves 18 - 20) . $99.99

Gourmet Pasta with Seafood

PAS036: Penne Pasta with Sautéed Shrimp, Broccoli, Garlic &
Olive Oil topped with cherry tomato wedges and fresh parsley.

PAS037: Sautéed Shrimp in a Ala Vodka Sauce.

PAS038: Bow Tie Pasta with Grilled Shrimp, Roasted Tomato,
Garlic & Roasted Red Peppers.

PAS039: Shrimp, Scallop & Salmon Newburg with Fresh Tomato & Peas.

PAS040: Shrimp Scampi with Roasted Garlic, Fresh Tomato.

PAS041: Grilled Salmon with Fresh Peas and Caramelized Onions in a Champagne Cream Sauce 
(Serves 12-14) $79.99   (Serves 18 - 20) . . .$109.99